FONDANT means “Melting” in French Language, Indulge your senses with the timeless recipe of delicious FONDANT Chocolate, are still made with the finest and purest ingredients. Whether for a special occasion or just a special treat, we are honored and provide the finest cuisine around. We always try to buy local and supporting us is supporting the community. Our large portion sizes, fresh produce, and vast menu options cater to any food lovers.

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FONDANT Chocolates are Taste and Tradition.

                          FONDANT Chocolate is known to be a mood enhancer (contains natural antidepressant (– serotonin), brain booster, cancer crusher and stroke stopper. This wonderful dessert, unlike many other sweets, is not only very delicious, but also extremely beneficial for your health and wellbeing.

LOVE is like a DARK Chocolate,

SWEET While you have it.

BITTER Once it’s gone…………